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April 28 - April 298:30 AM - 4:30 AM
New York
New York
New York, NY United States

Artificial Intelligence Conference

Discover how companies like Google, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Walmart and many others are using Artificial Intelligence, Bots & Voice.

AI Conference 2020: AI, Voice & Bots

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If you could ask Google, IBM Watson, Amazon, Rasa anything about AI, Bots & Voice what would you ask?

Discover how Enterprises are using AI and Voice to increase efficiency. We will explore latest trends, use cases, and get a behind the scene look at what is working best and how you can apply it in at your company.

Learn the latest technology from market leaders.

We features speakers from many of the leaders in the space such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Rasa, IBM, Salesforce, Intuit, Walmart, and many more.

This is our 4th annual Conference.

2 Day Event

The Goal of Day 1 is to give you an overall understanding of the AI space, to discover the best business application that are increasing productivity and efficiency and to do deep dives in these areas.

We aim to answer the most pressing questions such as ‘what is possible given the current state of AI & NLP ?’, ‘what are the best use cases’?, ‘what is the best way for Enterprises to get started?’ and many more.

The deep dives will focus the latest in AI/NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing/Understanding) and Design. Additionally, we will do deep dives in in the most promising areas of the AI space such as AI Voice, AI in Customer Service, B2E, AI in Marketing, AI in RPAs.

We end day one with our Zero to Launch Panel which will try to bring all of the insights of the day into a coherent strategy on best practices of launching an AI Bot.

By the end of day one, you will have a greater overall understanding of where we are in the tech cycle , what use cases are most effective, how to leverage what is currently working and bring it into the world and insight of what is next!

On Day 2, we will take all of our insights and discoveries from day one and you will build a customer journey AI chatbot using NLP.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a bot that can help your company generate more leads and even answer a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Deep Dives:

Artificial Intelligence & NLP: ​Latest on NLP, NLU, NLG & AI for Bots and Voice Skills.

AI Customer Service: Exploring how Enterprises are using bots in Customer Service to increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs.

AI Voice & Virtual Assistants: Latest on Voice from Google Home, Alexa, & Siri.

AI in Market Automation: Latest on how Enterprises are generating leads and sales using Bots.

AI in backend automation & RPA’s: This is the biggest use cases no one is talking about! Backend bots are bots that automated tasks between employees and enterprises such as HR, password reset, employee on-boarding, document management, proof reading, and much more.


One of the biggest benefits to our conference is the people you will meet.

Our events are regularly attended by Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Amazon, Target, Bank of America, Verizon, Deloitte, and many more.

No matter what type of project you’re working on, or what questions you have, chances are that our speakers or someone in our audience can assist you on your journey.

Let our team know if we can help make any intros!

Conference Speakers 2019

AI Conference Speakers

We features the top speakers from companies like Google, Rasa, Walmart, Intuit, IBM Watson, Dashbot, SmartLoop, Assist, and many more. Our speaker have not be finalized and we are still accepting application.

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Here is a preview of what out agenda typically looks like. Our agenda will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.


Take everything you learned on Day 1 and build a customer journey chatbot or voice skill in our full day workshop.