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March 186:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cornell AAP NYC
26 Broadway, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10004 United States

Circular Synergy in the Built Environment: Sites, Labs & Communities

Presentations and interactive discussions about one of the vital parts of circularity: the built environment!

Modern life is defined by buildings and places. What do people choose to build, and where and how do they make it? The built environment is an expression of humanity‚Äôs needs, values and aspirations. The aggregation across many generations gives the resultant palette of building stock, style, and program seen today. Achieving circularity in a new construction presents very large challenges, and retrofitting older buildings and whole districts to become more circular are ever more complex. The movement to create more “Living Labs” is bringing new ideas and new collaborations into cities.

This program will highlight circular and sustainable practices within cities, including Dutch and American examples, and identify ways to create more synergy between the various entities and everyday citizens who live and work there. Let’s think of circularity not simply as a process, but also as a placemaking and community-building strategy.

Speakers include:

Matthijs Bouw – ONE Architecture & Urbanism

Jos de Krieger – SuperUse Studios

Garrett Bennische – Pratt Institute

Sonja Plesset – The Plymouth Rock Foundation

Kate Michuliak – NYC Department of Transportation

Bob Balder – Cornell AAP NYC

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