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November 6, 20195:30 PM - 7:00 PM
81 Prospect Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

Future Innovators of NYC Tech Student Demo Night

Looking for your next intern or entry level new hire for your tech startup? Meet our talented students from Future Innovators on Nov 6th!

Future Innovators of NYC Tech Student Demo Night

Hosted by our friends at WeWork, we’ll have college students, whom are interested in pursuing careers in tech and participated in our career accelerator program, present their career development projects for feedback from tech community leaders such as yourself!

Our students hail from diverse backgrounds and regions from across the Northeast to across the East River. Each has their own unique journey and goals to share in the hopes of obtaining new opportunities to advance their career to the next level. These students participated in a 6-week hybrid learning program which combined career development lessons with real world experience through structured consulting projects for startups across the country. Our goal is to provide these students with the insight, advice and confidence to move forward into the first phase of their careers with a new friend or mentor in their corner.

The event is ideal for any tech based company looking for interns or entry level new hires in the Summer of 2020.

This event is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Seed or early stage startup founder looking to add a youthful perspective to your growing team
  • Recruiters from growth stage startups looking for applicants for Summer 2020 internship programs
  • Local industry mentors and influencers looking to meet new talent
  • Educators looking to meet and network with students and companies alike

Here’s a link to one of our students’ presentations from our Spring 2019 Demo Night at Microsoft: