All of our work at NYCEDC expresses itself in: promoting and growing quality jobs for all New Yorkers and in cultivating dynamic, resilient communities across all five boroughs.

NYCEDC consists of teams of skilled and dedicated individuals with knowhow and expertise across many fields, including community/neighborhood development, workforce development, real estate, industry and sector analysis, design, urban planning, marketing, engineering, financial analysis and more.

Urbantech NYC is an EDC industry development initiative designed to promote “tech-enabled urban development” and support cutting edge technologies that address pressing urban challenges. Through Urbantech NYC, the City has invested over $8.4 million into the creation of physical space, industry connections, programming, and commercialization support, from the Urban Future Lab (2013) to the Urbantech Growth Hubs at Company and New Lab (2016), NYCx CoLabs (2017), and most recently, The Grid (2019).